Appearance of the Black-Tailed Native-Hen

Until last week I’d never heard of a Black-Tailed Native Hen, never mind seen one.

Australian Black-Tailed Native-Hens by Lake

Australian Black-Tailed Native-Hens by Lake


At the weekend I had to drop off one of my sons at Yanchep National Park. While I was there, I thought I’d go for a walk, and I came across these.


Aussie Black-Tailed Native-Hen Hiding

Australian Black-Tailed Native-Hen Hiding




Not for long though, as they scuttled into the undergrowth when they saw me.  They turned out to be quite shy.  They ran and hid very quickly, but they soon came back out when I waited quietly.


Kangaroo at Yanchep

Kangaroo for company



And look who I had for company while I waited.



Australian Black-Tailed Native-Hens
Black-Tailed Native-Hens



The following day when I had to collect my son, they were still there.




They’re similar to a moorhen or a coot and seem to prefer the same sort of area to live, by the water’s edge and with plenty of undergrowth.

They aren’t rare or endangered in any way, but it is unusual to see them in this area, especially in such a large group.  They appeared because we had recently had rain.  They may well stay at Yanchep for long enough to breed, then disappear again once the young are old enough.  If so, hopefully I’ll be able to get some pictures of some chicks in a month or so.

Black-Tailed Native-Hens, Australian Birdlife

Australian Black-Tailed Native-Hens


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