Little Corella – with a big attitude

Little Corella coming in to land

Little Corella – Coming for a drink


Little Corella Face

Little Corella Face


They might look cute but these fellas have a big attitude. My friend was complaining recently about birds swooping at her outside her home and it turned out that they were Little Corellas. I think that they’re only likely to swoop at people when they are breeding though. When I was taking pictures of them at Lake Joondalup one tried to chase off a pigeon that was feeding too close. When the pigeon didn’t move, the corella grabbed it by the tail and screeched at it while dragging it along.


Little Corella


There are often a few mixed in with the Long-Billed Corellas at Joondalup and they tend to be quite aggressive to their Long-Billed cousins. They seem to be less friendly and confident so it’s harder to get close for a photo.

Little Corellas by the road

Little Corellas feeding by the road


A couple of months ago I was driving along when a massive flock of Little Corellas appeared ahead.  They landed on the verges, on the central reservation and in the trees. I pulled into a car park and managed to get some pictures on my mobile phone (apologies for the quality). Some were eating seeds from cones in the trees, the rest were grazing on the grass roots. When they fly over they make quite a racket, chattering and screeching so it would be hard not to notice them. They’re sometimes found on their own or in a pair, or sometimes seen in these huge flocks.  In fact,  sometimes they’re in flocks of over a thousand and are now considered by many to be a pest.  If you are a farmer and a thousand of these appear to feed on your crops it must be hard to see a cute side. I hope this flock sticks to the verges and parkland where we can enjoy them without them being a nuisance and hopefully I can get some photos of their chicks in a couple of months time.


Little Corellas

Little Corellas

5 responses to “Little Corella – with a big attitude”

  1. Coxey says:

    What’s a ‘tress’? Photo quality is fab.

  2. Sue says:

    A ‘tress’ is an error, it’s meant to read ‘trees’ – I’ve corrected it. Glad you like the photos.

  3. Matthew Hill says:

    Huge numbers of Little Corellas have turned up in Mt Druitt NSW. We’ve had them here for about 18 months. We have come to know them for both their noise and their habit of attacking local streetlights.nn1

  4. Sue says:

    Thanks Matthew. I’ve never seen that. Does anyone know why they might attack street lights? I hope their noise isn’t making them unpopular – they can make quite a racket.

  5. Matthew Hill says:


    I have noticed a tendancy for our local Little Corellas to break open the street light cover, then use that to swing from. My Dad has seen them taking turns playing like this. We have two small parks on either side of Luxford Rd which they use to feed on.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is the noise of these birds increases just before sundown (currently just before 8:30pm in Sydney).

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