Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet – posing at last

Surely this has to be one of the most colourful birds in the world and it truly lives up to its name. I’m really lucky to have these living in the nearby parks. Seeing them makes me smile and I always stop to have a look when I pass them. They love to chatter to each other while they eat. The food trees also have a distinctive ‘ticking’ noise while they feed, as their beaks pick the seeds out of tiny cones.

Like many of the cockatoo/lorikeet/parakeet types of birds, they are quite confident so they will let me get reasonably close to them. Except when I’m carrying a camera. They must have an in built camera sensor. For months, whenever I didn’t have my camera with me, they would let me get really close to them. Whenever I took my camera along, they were nowhere to be seen.    Lorikeets in Kings Park

I seem to have got past that hurdle and now I have plenty of pictures. They mainly live on the East, South East and North coast of Australia, but there is an established population around Perth. They can be seen in many parks in and near Perth, but King’s Park has to be one of the best places in WA to see them. The tall, mature trees have holes in them suitable for nesting and there’s a year round food supply. There’s something very entertaining about watching a lorikeet head suddenly pop out of a hole 25 feet up a tree trunk.

The rainbow lorikeet would be a very strong contender for my favourite Aussie Bird so far.

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